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Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is a mineral that was used as a building material before its hazards were discovered. It can cause lung disease when its dust is inhaled. Due to its dangerous nature, it requires specialized techniques for safe removal. The experienced technicians offer the in-depth knowledge and skill needed to safely remove asbestos from your environment.


Often, demolition is required to remove all of the asbestos from a location. Our detailed process includes any necessary demolition, while retaining the utmost respect for your space. We demolish as little as possible, while thoroughly completing your asbestos removal.

Building Permits

As certified professionals, we expedite any required building permits for your projects. Our fully licensed staff ensures adherence to all local standards and regulations to ensure your project is safe and smooth.

Oil & Water Tank Removal

Sometimes, older oil and water storage tanks are insulated with asbestos. These should be removed for the health and safety of those working or living nearby. With proper permitting, our technicians can remove these tanks to keep your environment safe.

Consultation Services

Do you suspect your home or office might contain asbestos? We offer consultation services to help you know where to start. Edmonton Restoration Services. offers asbestos inspection in Edmonton, AB to determine if asbestos is an issue for your building. We then partner with you to determine the next steps for your abatement project.

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The Team at Edmonton Restoration were very quick to respond, especially when our sewer back up situation was on a weekend. Other suppliers were not available when called earlier. They were obviously an experienced crew and were very knowledgeable about the possibility of mold being present. Fortunately, after testing, there was no problem. Their can-do positive attitude and energy was consistent throughout. It’s obvious their goal is to create happy customers.

David Sims

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