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Our company is a leader in kitchen cabinet remodeling, and we want to help you achieve your dream kitchen.

If you want a fresh, modern look, but none of the hassles of completely remodeling your kitchen from scratch, we’re here to help. Getting a makeover for your kitchen doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s actually quite simple with our kitchen cabinet refacing, refinishing, and painting services.

Our certified professional craftsmen will bring you the kitchen you’ve always wanted. We are committed to bringing you the best quality for your kitchen cabinets. Whether you simply want a new coat of paint or an entirely new look, we will deliver professional, beautiful results.

Check out our kitchen cabinet services details to decide what’s right for your kitchen. If you’re still not sure which service may be the best option for you, you can contact us with any questions and learn more about our services.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing
Cabinet refacing in Edmonton is best for completely transforming your kitchen affordably and quickly! This is the best option for people who want a totally new look without ripping out their entire kitchen. Cabinet refacing will give you the most options for achieving new looks, styles, and colors. For cabinet refacing , you can enjoy a new kitchen feel in no time while keeping the framework intact.

How Cabinet Refacing Works
Cabinet refacing means that the strongest part of your cabinetry is reused to create your new kitchen. It doesn’t take much to use your old kitchen to create the new one.

Here is the process for cabinet refacing:

Remove all cabinetry including doors and drawers.
Reinforce all wood with our lamination process.
Plywood is used to reinforce cabinets frames.
Your choice of finish is applied to the cabinetry.
Install new doors and drawer fronts. Expertly chosen to perfectly match existing cabinetry.
Enjoy your incredible newly updated kitchen!
This process is simple but takes a trained eye to do it perfectly. While difficult to manage for a DIYer, our professional craftsmen have the experience to work quickly and efficiently.

Who Should Choose Cabinet Refacing
Not sure if cabinet refacing is right for you? Here are 4 easy questions to ask yourself.

Do you want to keep the same layout of your kitchen?
Do you want to save money and spend less than you would changing the framework of your kitchen?
Do you want to be able to choose new finishes, colors, and design for your cabinetry and kitchen?
Do you want the renovation to be done quickly?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, then you should consider cabinet refacing in Edmonton. Cabinet refacing is able to accomplish everything you’re wanting to do with your kitchen.

The Benefits of Cabinet Refacing
Add value to your home. Though cost-efficient for you, cabinet refacing can add value to your home and give the kitchen a fresh and modern appeal. Get a new kitchen fast. Though you can change just about everything about your cabinetry through refacing, this won’t take weeks or months like some other renovations. Get your brand-new kitchen far more quickly!

Reduce environmental impact. It takes a lot of wood to completely remodel a kitchen from scratch. Using so much is harmful to the environment. By refacing your cabinetry, you are reducing the harm your remodel would have on the environment.

Make your cabinets last longer. Cabinets are bound to fade over time. But our reinforced cabinetry ensures that your cabinets will retain their new look for much longer than if you simply added a new coat of paint.
Kitchen remodeling.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing
Looking to restore your kitchen to its former glory? Then cabinet refinishing in Edmonton is the best option for you!

Cabinet refinishing, also known as restaining, allows you to retain your cabinetry, but give it a new shade for an updated look. If you love your kitchen, just wish it looked newer, you’ll love having our cabinet refinishing services.

How Cabinet Refinishing Works
Similar to cabinet refacing, all of your door and drawers will need to be removed from your cabinetry. A sponge is then used on the wood to refresh its stain and color. This can be laborious work. That’s why hiring a professional to take proper care of your cabinets throughout the process is best.

The Benefits of Cabinet Refinishing
Cabinet refinishing method is very popular because it restores beloved kitchens. Here are some reasons to have cabinet refinishing done for your space:

Your kitchen has great bones. If you love the look of kitchen, it’s just looking faded, a refinishing or restaining is best to just improve what you already have. You have great quality cabinets. Great wood will last a lifetime. But that doesn’t mean they’ll always look brand new. By choosing cabinet refinishing, you have the same great quality wood, just as beautiful, but restored to look as good as new.

Eco-friendly. While cabinet refacing much of your cabinets, refinishing keeps all your old cabinets. That means you’re not having to bring in any new wood materials. By refinishing your current cabinetry, you’re being kind to the environment while still upgrading your home.

Though you keep the old wood, you do have the option to upgrade the hardware on your cabinetry. Not only are you improving the stain, but you can upgrade the cabinets with a fresh new style!
Since you’re not purchasing any new materials (aside from optional new hardware), this is a very affordable way to update your kitchen.

With so many benefits, we know you’ll be finding it difficult to choose between cabinet refinishing and our other services. But if you’re on the fence about upgrading your cabinets, cabinet refinishing is a perfect way to update your kitchen without anything too drastic.

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Whether you want cabinet refacing or cabinet refinishing in Edmonton, we can help. Faster than other kitchen renovations, we will deliver the kitchen you’ve always wanted, give your kitchen new life, or even just bring a new pop of color with our professional touch.

You don’t need to commit to weeks of hiring contractors to update your kitchen. Our one team can get the job done quickly and affordably.

Rejuvenating your kitchen doesn’t have to be a future project. We can help you make it happen.

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